About Us

This group originated in a couple of Mumsnet threads:

We are British women who oppose the radical trans-right activist (TRA) push for self-ID. Here are some handy links for more info on self-ID and some of the implications:

The key issue is that self-ID removes any gatekeeping to women’s identity and protected spaces, services and roles. We believe that no-one should ever be ridiculed or discriminated against for not conforming with sex-based gender stereotypes. In an ideal world we wouldn’t be embarrassed about bodies, women would be safe in mixed spaces, gender stereotypes wouldn’t exist and children and adults could wear whatever clothes, play with whichever toys and take part in social life however they wanted.

Even in that ideal scenario however, there would still be a place for sex-segregated spaces, services and facilities purely because men and women have different needs. Doing away with gender wouldn’t suddenly do away with these needs. To borrow from Janice Turner’s recent article in The Times, words like ‘woman’ should mean things. Denying that ‘woman’ means ‘female adult human’ but includes anyone of any biological makeup, socialisation and presentation, is to rob the word of all meaning.

Campaigning for the law to change to deny women’s biology and lived experience of sex-based violence, discrimination and indignity is wrong. Campaigning for the law to make women who talk about this experience guilty of a hate crime is misogyny. For lies to be enshrined in law is outrageous.

On Fridays, we identify as men. This doesn’t require any change to our appearance, names or titles. We are ourselves. Saying that we are men is sufficient. We might also choose to engage in a particular action where we assert ourselves as men among other men. This could be on an individual, local or group level. Mild examples of individual or local options:

  • Manspreading on public transport.
  • Mansplaining, interrupting a person speaking, and generally acting with a chauvinistic sense of entitlement.
  • Walking in straight lines and letting others weave their way around you.
  • Wearing a group button badge or ‘I AM A MAN (today)’ t-shirt (contact us for more details).
  • Applying for membership of a men-only golf club or association.
  • Using the men’s changing rooms at stores that allow self ID like Topshop, Primark and M&S.
  • A group going to the local council-run leisure centre for a sports activity of some sort and changing in the men’s changing room or using the men’s loos.
  • A group going for a swim in a men-only session or area.

Larger events will be organised dependent on numbers and interest.