#ManFriday the 10th – Our very own art exhibition

Here’s a challenge for you. Can you pick out the people celebrated in public art exhibitions, supported by Labour, the Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and the Women’s Equality Party,  and endorsed as candidates for election?

For those who haven’t come across the term before, TERF stands for ‘trans exclusionary radical feminist’. It’s a derogatory name to call women who ask questions like, ‘how will this change in the law affect women and girls’ rights, safety, privacy and dignity?’ You’ll also come across the term TruScum, another disgusting slur aimed at transwomen who ask the same question.

To everyone horrified and disgusted by the following pictures: please, sign the petition:  https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/214118

The lesson from today’s discourse: kill all terfs

Friendly reminder: kill your local TERF/SWERF/TEF/TWEF/Radfem today 🙂


I want to rape a terf to death then chop its body into pieces and leave them for the crows – Same

im a woman because I say  am sorry you’ve lost – even law says so – enjoy ur erasure

Attn cis lesbian TERFs: You ugly fucks deserve to be buried alive under a name that’s not yours.

I want every terf to burn alive and suffer

I want them all dead tbh

At what temperature does a TERF burn the most agonizingly? Just a harmless, inconspicuous question I feel should be put on the table

One day, I’ll fulfull my dream of sending every TERF straight into the sun. Burn in hell, motherfuckers

Literally TERFs can fuck off and die don’t @ me you fucking scum

If you say “TIM” or “TIF” or any other TERF buzzword, I will slap whatever you are holding out of your hands.

Time to burn some TERF

Human sacrifices? I mean it might just be worth it hmmm… Oh well I got plenty of those to offer up. TERF scalps are my specialty. I guess I’ll burn them and dance around the [fire]

Some women have penises. If you’re bothered by this you can suck my dick.

SOME WOMEN HAVE PENISES. GET OVER IT. Choke on it bigoted #TERFs fucktards

If you are a terf and/or you don’t think transwomen are women you can suck my cock you cuntface!

You think I’m joking when I say kill all TERFs? I want them gone, out of my life, out of the lives of my community. I’m not wanting to rid the world of all cis women, just the ones who actively contribute to the wholesale slaughter of my sisters. Come and walk a mile in my shoes and see how you feel. There is nothing wrong with wanting to rid the world of those who dehumanise you, who are killing you. Especially when you don’t really have the power to fight back. In the end, while my feelings are sincere, the trans community doesn’t have the ability to actually harm TERFs on any meaningful level.

Imagine if twenty people had punched terfs. Imagine if every terf had left bruised and bloodied. Every one would stop organising.


TruScum. I detest you.


Looks like a bunch of people soon to be missing teeth.

I’m not allowed to say much at this time but all the TERFs who crossed the line into abusing me, online and IRL, are about to get what they deserve

Terf lesbians who refuse to date transwomen Can Die In A Hole 🙂

My completely last minute Halloween costume that I forgot to post about last night. I was a TERF slayer.

‘Considering Terfs want to exterminate all trans women from the planet any violence directed at Terfs by trans women or trans allies is very much a means of self-defence.’

A TERF told me that real women bleed so I stabbed her in the face and she bled to death. :’(

Just been asked if I want to join an organisation called “kick a #terf# the rules are simple just have to kick a #terf in the face and take a picture of the #terf after kicking them! Never knew such existed.

Remember to bring bacon sarnies.

I’m going to put a bullet in you.

THIS. SO. MUCH. THIS. ALSO. PUNCH. ALL TERFS. RIGHT IN THE FACE. hate speech (i.e. TERF rhetoric) IS an attack, we HAVE TO be able to defend ourselves. They fight for philosophy while we fight for our lives.

‘Smash TERFs…… oh and nazis; they’re bad too’

If every time a terf opened their mouths they got a fist in it they wouldnt open their fucking mouths

Any idea where this is happening? I wanna fuck some terfs up, they are no better than fash

Trans people are never rapists. Rape has to do with power, transgender people are the most hated people in the world, therefore they have no power over cis people. So even if a trans person forces a cis person to have sex with them, it’s not rape, cis women can’t be raped by trans women. To suggest they can minimises the struggles of trans women in society


I have more but I think that’s enough for you to get the gist. Are you as sickened, as scared, as angry, as I am?

The women and transwomen being attacked by these male ‘trans rights activists’ have rather different weapons of choice:

  • Public debates open to all
  • Swimming trunks and a ridiculous hat
  • T-shirts, badges and leaflets
  • Silly cartoons
  • A crowd-funded legal challenge to a political party breaking the law
  • Meetings with our MPs
  • Media interviews
  • Discussion on a public forum
  • A petition on the government website

The not-remotely funny thing is, it is these women and transwomen who are being removed from office, interviewed under police caution, verbally abused, threatened, intimidated, shoved, beaten and surrounded by baying mobs of these terrifying TRAs. This is not a few crazies sounding off on Twitter. This is real.

To our politicians: will you speak up now against this avalanche of violent misogyny? If not, why not?

To transpeople: there is a balance of rights to be found that both protects women and girls and enables people suffering from gender dysphoria to participate in a full social life. Women always have been and can always be your staunchest allies, but there are people among you who are playing divide and conquer. Loudly. They don’t care about you. They want to erase your identity as well as ours in their narcissistic rampage of male violence and self-entitlement. Let’s talk.

To everyone horrified and disgusted by these pictures: please, sign the petition: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/214118

To those who aren’t, one final picture:


Amy Desir



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8 Responses to #ManFriday the 10th – Our very own art exhibition

  1. M says:

    Thank you. This is very powerful.

  2. Hurf says:

    i’m glad you support a “full social life” for those pitiful trannies

  3. LilyFrances says:

    This really shows them up for what they are. Thank you for doing it though I wish it wasnt necessary

  4. Jane Loe says:

    Thank you for putting this together – I’ve see lots of this on Twitter myself. Please make sure some MPs see it – feeling very unrepresented at the moment

  5. Artemis Rhodes says:

    I can’t walk a mile in a trans’s shoes. It’s the 6 inch heels that prevent me.

  6. Tobi Camilli says:

    I would have signed the petition, but I am sadly not a UK resident. Men do not belong in our spaces no matter WTF they call themselves. Men in dresses are still men.

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  8. Kes Sparhawk says:

    I’m on your side. I want justice for all natal women, and justice for those trans women who are truly on women’s side, reject patriarchy and oppression, and aren’t narcissistic wankers who get off on imagining themselves as women… apparently from the display, women torturing and murdering other women. Those certainly don’t think or behave like us! (Of course, I think it’s obvious they don’t want to. They want the power and oppression, or they’d be going after the men who perpetrate violence.)

    It’s as scary in the US. In fact, I am admiring your leaders and hoping you’ll help out after you win. We need some peace. We need alliances.

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