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Boys will be boys

“Boys will be boys” is a neat illustration of how many men deny responsibility for the unpleasant behaviour they exhibit towards women, how they minimise it and how they pass any blame or fault onto their targets for not having … Continue reading

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Why ManFriday?

Below is the full text of the speech made by ManFriday’s Media Officer at a Women’s Place UK meeting on 17th May 2018. My name is Hannah Clarke. I support the rights of women and girls. Men do not belong … Continue reading

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#ManFriday the 10th – Our very own art exhibition

Here’s a challenge for you. Can you pick out the people celebrated in public art exhibitions, supported by Labour, the Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and the Women’s Equality Party,  and endorsed as candidates for election? For those who haven’t come … Continue reading

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